Enter Our Expectations Matter Photo/Story Contest

Winners Receive $200, (1st), $175 (2nd), $125 (3rd), $100 (Fan Favorite) 

Expectations play an important role in our lives. Research shows that the assumptions people have about others’ abilities are influential and have a long-lasting effect.

We created the message “Expectations Matter” “Expect Ability” to raise awareness about expectations. But the power of the message is in the real-life stories.

If you are a person with a developmental disability or you know someone with a developmental disability who has challenged stereotypes, broken barriers, or illustrated the “Expectations Matter” “Expect Ability” message in other ways, tell us about it! You’ll be a part of sharing this important message–and you could win!

Submissions will be accepted throughout Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, March 1-31. For submission details, see contest flyer.