There are several types of funding opportunities available through the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council.

Small Grants

The Council sets aside funds each year to invest in small, one-time-only projects or activities of a limited duration. The Council accepts unsolicited Small Grant proposals throughout the year.  Small grant awards are $2,500 or less.

Small Grants for Self-Advocacy Groups

These are Small Grants of $2,500 or less that support Advocacy Groups led by people with developmental disabilities.

Education and Training Event Sponsorships

The Council will provide grants to organizations to support the participation of individuals with developmental disabilities and their family members at the organization’s conference, workshops or other trainings.

Conference Participation Fund for Attendance at Out-of-State Conferences

Each year, the Council sets aside funds to assist individuals with developmental disabilities and family members of individuals with developmental disabilities with the cost of attending conferences.

Requests for Proposals

The vast majority of projects that the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council invests in are funded through a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process.

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