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Small Grants

Council’s Mission:

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council’s mission is to advance the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life by eliminating barriers, creating opportunities, empowering people, and promoting innovation.

What is a Small Grant?

Small Grants support initiatives and activities that are consistent with the Council’s mission and will have an impact that lasts beyond the period of time the grant is funded.

How much funding can be requested?

Small Grants may not exceed $2500. Small grants may not be used to replace other sources of funding.

What types of Small Grant activities will the Council consider supporting with a Small Grant?

  • Educating and informing policymakers about issues of importance to people with developmental disabilities and their families.
  • Supporting people with developmental disabilities and their family members to develop advocacy and leadership skills.
  • Demonstrating new and innovative approaches to supporting people to live, learn, work and enjoy community life.
  • Advocating for the elimination of barriers to full inclusion and community participation.
  • Raising public awareness about people’s contributions and capabilities so differences are respected and attitudes change.
  • Other activities that advance the empowerment, self-determination, and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities and their families

What can the funds NOT be used for?

  • Activities that are inconsistent with the Council’s mission;
  • Activities that only benefit one individual or family;
  • Fundraising;
  • The Council typically does not fund equipment. To find out where you might get assistance with equipment, contact the Department of Disabilities–Constituent Services at 410-767-3660 or 1-800-637-4113.
  • For sponsorships of conferences and other trainings in Maryland refer to the Council’s Education & Training Event Sponsorships policy and application.
  • For support to attend out-of-state conferences, refer to the Council’s Conference Participation Fund policy and application.

Who can submit a proposal?

Any person, group or organization. Organizations may be public, non-profit, or for-profit entities.

When should Small Grant Applications be submitted?

Small Grant applications may be submitted at any time but they should be submitted well in advance of the start date of the proposed activities. 

To ensure that you allow adequate time, contact Faye Bell-Boulware to obtain current information about when the review committee meets and related deadlines. Faye can be reached by email at FayeB@md-council.org or by calling 410-767- 6249 or 1-800- 305-6441, ext. 1

How do you submit a Small Grant request?

Complete the Council’s Small Grant Application and Small Grant budget form and submit both as follows:

Email both to Info@md-council.org

If it is not possible for you to send an electronic copy, call Faye at the numbers listed above to make other arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE:  All applicants will be notified by email when the electronic version of their proposal is received by the Council. If you have not received confirmation within five (5) working days, it is your responsibility to contact Faye Bell-Boulware at the phone numbers listed above to ensure that your proposal was received.

How will you be notified about the Council’s decision?

Applicants will be notified in writing within two weeks of final funding decisions. Decisions are made by the Council’s Executive Committee and are final.

Reporting Requirements

All grant recipients are required to submit a written report on the outcomes and impact of the grant.Specific requirements for each grantee are described in the award letter.

Adopted: November 2006
Revised: December 2016

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