Current Initiatives

Current Initiatives Funded by the Maryland Development Disabilities Council: Fiscal Year 2017-2018


Enhancing Self-Advocacy and Public Policy Work
People On the Go of Maryland (POG)

POG, Maryland’s Statewide Self-Advocacy group, supports local self-advocacy groups by providing leadership trainings, mentoring opportunities, and sponsoring a Legislative Internship. POG supports the self-advocacy movement of Southern Maryland by forming new groups and supporting activities on transportation advocacy.  The result is an increase in the number of people with developmental disabilities who are active in the process of creating laws, services and programs that promote inclusion.

Contact: Ken Capone | Summary


Transforming and Improving Practices through Customized Technical Assistance (TIP) Grants 

Round One: Appalachian Parent Association, Bay Community Support Services, CHANGE, Inc., CHI Centers, Head Injury Rehabilitation & Referral Services, Humanim & Compass (jointly funded), Itineris, Providence Center, Spring Dell Center, The Arc of Howard County, The Arc Prince George’s County, The Arc Southern Maryland, The Arc of Washington County

Round Two: Ardmore Enterprises, Bayside Community Network, Community Living, Inc., Gallagher Services, Opportunity Builders, Rehabilitation Opportunities, The Arc Baltimore, The Arc Central Chesapeake Region, The Arc Montgomery County

The purpose of this initiative is to improve the employment outcomes of people with developmental disabilities by building the capacity of community service providers licensed by the Developmental Disabilities Administration. Through customized technical assistance by subject matter experts, providers will improve the way services are provided so that more people with developmental disabilities are supported to get and keep the meaningful work they want in their communities and to have meaningful days when not working. All grant recipients will participate in a learning community to share their efforts to improve employment outcomes and receive mutual peer support.

Summary – Round One

Summary – Round Two

Publications: Success Stories

The publication will highlight success stories from different perspectives to address concerns of various audiences (people with disabilities, families, direct support professionals, and employers). By addressing known concerns such as safety, dignity of risk, and opportunities in rural areas, the publication will allay fears and negative perceptions and improve employment and other meaningful opportunities for people with disabilities throughout the state.


Employment Certification Trainings
MD Works, Inc. 

The Council has partnered with MD Works to co-sponsor ACRE Approved Basic Community Employment Certification Trainings for direct support professionals to assist people with disabilities in their job development and discovery. A total of 50 professionals, mostly in rural areas of the state, will be certified. The training focuses on increasing and enhancing development of the Employment First Initiative key competencies for direct support staff.


Community Supports

My Support
My Support, Inc.

The purpose of this project is to assist with start-up costs for MySupport to become operational in Maryland. MySupport is an online provider directory platform that people with disabilities and their families can use to find support staff.


Raising Expectations Think Tank

The purpose of this initiative is to identify challenges and related strategies to increase expectations of people with developmental disabilities.


Leadership Development

Southern Maryland LEADers
Parents’ Place of Maryland

The purpose of this project is to provide leadership training in Southern Maryland for parents of children with developmental disabilities and ensure ongoing engagement by participants in advocacy and leadershp.


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