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Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council Five Year State Plan 2017-2021

The Five Year State Plan outlines goals, objectives, and specific activities that will be implemented to bring about change.

Download the Five Year State Plan

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What’s Possible: 9 Stories of Changed Lives

What’s Possible tells the stories of nine people who left the Rosewood Center to move into the community. Read about the changes that occurred in their lives and how they, and their families, feel about it.

Download What’s Possible Flyer. For additional copies of the flyer for conferences and events contact

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Planning Now: A Futures and Estate Planning Guide for Families of Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Planning Now is a comprehensive, easy to use futures and estate planning guide for families of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Topics covered include financial and healthcare  benefits, wills, trusts, tax considerations, financial planning and others. Available in English & Spanish.

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View Planning Now (English)

View Planning Now (Spanish)

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Maximizing the Impact of DDA’s LISS Program:  Recommendations for Improvement

The Council convened a stakeholder workgroup in  the fall of 2013 to develop recommendations for reforming the Developmental Disabilities Administration’s Low Intensity Support Services program.  This report describes 25  recommendations  and rationale  for significant improvements. Fake Rolex

Download 2013 Report

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Low Intensity Support Services in Maryland: 2012 Report

This 2012 report on the Developmental Disabilities Administration’s Low Intensity Supports Services program was commissioned by the Council in 2012. This report summarizes stakeholder input and provides an assessment of the importance of the program, system functions and recommendations for change.

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Barriers to Quality Child Care & Out of School Time Activities in Maryland

This comprehensive report was completed by the Council in 2012. It includes data from an extensive survey of Maryland families and child care providers, discusses what has already been done to improve   child care  in the state and lays out a series of specific recommendations for what more needs to be done.

Download Barriers to Quality Child Care and Out of School Time Activities in Maryland

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Inclusive Child Care

Side-by-Side: Brendan & Shaun

Side-by-Side: Jayla

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Departing Rosewood

Departing Rosewood, a short documentary, follows one man’s journey — full of challenges, hopes and transformations– from an institution to life in his own home.  This film won a regional Emmy Award and  is a useful education, public awareness and training tool for many audiences.  The Baltimore Sun ‘s critic said, “I promise, you will be astonished at how much it will make you care about the young man at the center of the film.”

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View Departing Rosewood trailer

View Departing Rosewood full-length video

Photo Contest
photo contest winners

“A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words” Sibling Photo Contest
May 2014

The photo contest was designed to help inform and educate people about the positive, important relationships between siblings with and without disabilities. Entries were solicited from parents and siblings. The Council chose 2 winners and 12 runners-up were posted on facebook where the public chose the “Fan Favorite.”

View the Winning Photos

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