5-Year Plan

Every 5 years, the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council develops a plan that guides our work. This is called our State Plan. The State Plan identifies barriers that get in the way of people with developmental disabilities living the lives they want with the support they need. We look at issues that affect children, adults, and their families.

To identify these issues and what needs to change, the Council:

  • Gets input from a lot of different people. This includes people with developmental disabilities, family members, state agencies, advocates, service providers, community members, and others. We do this through surveys, meetings, and focus groups.
  • Gathers information and data from reports and other sources.
  • Thinks about all the information to decide where change needs to happen and where the Council can make a difference.
  • Decides how to use our staff time.
  • Decides what activities we will fund other organizations and groups to carry out.

The Council sets goals for the next 5 years after reviewing all of the public input and research. Our State Plan also includes the activities we will work on to reach our goals. The State Plan is like a roadmap we follow to get where we want to be. It shows how we will create change that improves people’s lives.


The Council reports every year about the progress we have made on our State Plan. You can read our latest report here:


The Council’s 2022-2026 State Plan Goals



People with developmental disabilities are leaders and advocates.


People with developmental disabilities and their families are empowered to live the lives they want.


People with developmental disabilities and their families have access to their communities, and services and supports. They are treated with dignity and respect.