Become a Member

Thank you for wanting to learn more about being a Council member. This page answers questions about who can be a member, what does a member do, and how to apply.


Who Can Be a Council Member?

You can apply to be a Council member if you live in Maryland and are:

  • An adult with a developmental disability,
  • A parent or guardian of a child with a developmental disability,
  • A family member of an adult with a developmental disability who cannot advocate for themselves, or
  • A person who works for a community organization that serves people with developmental disabilities.


How Do I Apply?

You can complete the application, print, and mail it to the Council. Or you can complete the application online by clicking the button below. If you need the materials in another format, please let us know. We can mail a copy of the application to you or translate it into another language. Contact us at with any questions about the application.

Membership Application


What Does a Council Member Do?

To be a Council member you must:

  • Believe that people with and without disabilities should live, learn, work, and play together.
  • Want to help us create change that makes it possible for people with developmental disabilities to live the lives they want with the support they need.
  • Support the Council’s goals and activities.

The Council meets 4 times a year. Sometimes we meet in person and sometimes we meet online. Our upcoming meeting dates are available here.

Council members also serve on at least one committee or work team. A committee is a smaller group that works on a specific task, like recruiting new council members when we have an opening. Work teams meet 2-4 times each year.


How Do You Support Council Members?

We make sure members have the support they need to participate in our work. We provide the following to Council members who are people with developmental disabilities or family members if they need it:

  • Transportation to meetings
  • Personal assistance services during meetings
  • Child care
  • Support to review and understand materials before and during meetings
  • Mentors
  • Small stipends for attending meetings

Please read the Council Member Position Description to learn about member responsibilities.


Who Can I Contact With My Questions?

Contact the Council if you have questions: