Council Members

Council members are like a board of directors. They set goals for the Council and help guide the work we do. Our goals are based on what Council members think are the most important issues needing our attention. Council members bring different experiences, skills, and ideas that help us make progress on our goals.

Council members include:

  • People with developmental disabilities
  • Family members of people with developmental disabilities
  • State agencies
  • Community organizations
  • Disability Rights Maryland
  • Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities.

Most of the Council’s members are people with developmental disabilities and family members.

Kalani Brown, Chairperson
Montgomery County

Brent Debnam, Vice Chairperson
Prince George’s County

Angie Auldridge
Washington County

Carol Beatty
Secretary, Maryland Department of Disabilities

Damon Briggs
Montgomery County

Carmen Brown
(representing Marcella Franczkowski) Maryland State Department of Education

Jamal Cannady
Wicomico County

Laura-Sun Cefaratti
Anne Arundel County

Scott Dennis
Division of Rehabilitation Services, Maryland State Department of Education





Lisa Derx
Best Buddies International

Harold Gomes
Montgomery County

Kay Han
Montgomery County

Kathy Hargett
Montgomery County

Teresa Herbert
Harford County

Jarred Jones
Baltimore County

Karenna Jones
Wicomico County

Meghan Jones
Montgomery County

Amanda Lay
Montgomery County

Jed L. Miller
Prevention and Health Promotion Administration, Maryland Department of Health




Rebecca Oliver
Office of Health Services, Maryland Department of Health

Dee Sapp
Charles County

Bernie Simons
Developmental Disabilities Administration, Maryland Department of Health

Irene Souada
Shared Support Maryland

Teri Sparks
Disability Rights Maryland

Maureen Van Stone
Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities

Liz Weintraub
Montgomery County

Russell Young
Baltimore County