COVID-19 Resources

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a new illness spread around the world. It is nicknamed Coronavirus.

Learn more about the illness and what to do if you think you are sick

Coronavirus What Is It and What Can I Do

Thank you to The Arc Maryland for partnering with the Council to publish this booklet, with plain language and picture supports. As new information becomes available, The Arc Maryland and the Council are committed to publishing updated versions.

Information for people with developmental disabilities

Additional Plain Language Resources


Para obtener más información en español, haga clic aquí.

Thank you to the Green Mountain Self-Advocacy Group for publishing this resource in Plain Language. Thank you to the California Developmental Disabilities Council for translating the booklet into Spanish.


How do I know if it is coronavirus, and when should I see a doctor?

This image describes the symptoms of the common cold, the fle, and the coronavirus. It is credited to Yale New Haven Health

tips to stay healthy

This video is shared with permission from the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Information for Council Grantees

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented responses by federal, state, and local governments. This guidance, effective March 20, 2020, details requirements for Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council (Council) grantees to follow during the COVID-19 Pandemic. For more information, click the button below.

Grantee Guidance during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Council Operations

The Council maintains operations during this time. All staff can be contacted via email or by leaving a message on their direct line. Staff make every effort to return all messages within 24 hours. Click here for Council Staff contact information.

Maryland Specific Information

For information that is specific to Maryland, visit the Maryland Department of Health. Information is updated on this site daily, at 10:00 am, EST.

Please join the Developmental Disabilities Administration‘s Deputy Secretary Simons for weekly updates. Starting Friday, March 20, from noon to 12:30 p.m. weekly updates will be held each Friday through April 17, 2020. Register here.

Additional Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)