DD Days at the Legislature

Image of a stick built Capitol building with an orange dome, 3 green stars, and a dark red frame. Under the building are the words, in a matching dark red, "A Virtual Week of Advocacy". To the right are the words "Developmental Disabilities Days" in blue, followed by "At the Legislature" in green. In the top right corner is the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Coalition logo. It is an outline of the state of Maryland, with the regions represented by blue, green, orange, and pea green. Over top of the outline of the state is a circle of stick figure cartoon characters in matching colors.Developmental Disabilities Days at the Legislature (DD Days) is an event that advocates look forward to all year long! This year, we are expanding our reach through a week of virtual advocacy and opportunities for information and connection with legislators.


To kick things off, we will be holding our main DD Days event on Tuesday, February 9th, from 9 to 11 AM. If you have participated in DD Day in downtown Annapolis in years past, this is your opportunity to take part online, from home in 2021.




Click below to learn more, and register for this year’s main event.


DD Day at the Legislature