By sponsoring education and training events, the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council intends to: 1) empower Marylanders with developmental disabilities and their family members to impact issues that affect their lives and the lives of others by increasing their knowledge, skills, and capabilities; and 2) increase the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of professionals and others in Maryland to support and include individuals with developmental disabilities in community life.

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Applying for Sponsorship

Who is eligible to apply?

Organizations planning to conduct a conference, workshop, or other educational/training event in Maryland are eligible to apply.

What kinds of events are eligible for funding?

Conferences, workshops, or other trainings held in Maryland that have informational, educational, skill-building, or advocacy objectives that relate to supporting and including people with developmental disabilities are eligible. Attendees may be people with developmental disabilities and their family members, advocates, and/or professionals. There are no requirements about the length of the event.

The educational/training event must be consistent with the Council’s mission to advance the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life.

Preference may be given to events that have not been previously sponsored by the Council.

How much funding can be requested?

The maximum grant amount is $3,000. No more than 75 percent of the total cost of the event may be paid for with Council funds (90 percent if activities are solely in Baltimore City or Somerset County). The other 25% (10 percent in Baltimore City and Somerset County) is considered a match that must be provided by the grantee. The match may be cash (grant-related costs paid by the grantee with non-federal funding) or “in-kind” (for example, donated meeting space, donated supplies and equipment, volunteer time).

Please see the Council’s Match Instructions for guidance.

What can funds be used for?

Funds may be used as a general sponsorship of the event or to assist with specific costs directly associated with conducting the educational/training event. Examples include, but are not limited to: meeting space, speaker fees, event materials, translation of materials into other languages, sign language interpretation, and language interpretation services.

Funds cannot be used for food, unless the event is a full day and lunch is an integral and necessary part of the training or conference (e.g. when work is done during lunch or the event is a full day and includes lunchtime).

Is there a deadline to apply for funding?

Applications may be submitted at any time, but must be submitted well in advance of the start date of the event.

In general, applications should be submitted to the Council in advance of the following dates:

    1. July 28, 2021
    2. September 29, 2021
    3. October 27, 2021

Please contact Shawan Pearson with any questions related to the deadlines. You can reach her at, 410-767-6249.

Please also take into account that it usually takes up to six weeks after approval of funding before a check is received.

How do I apply?

Complete the Council’s ETES application and budget form and email it to If it is not possible for you to send an electronic copy, contact Shawan Pearson (by email at the address above or by phone: 410-767-6249) to make other arrangements. All applicants will be notified by email when the Council receives the electronic version of their proposal. If you have not received confirmation within five working days, please contact Shawan to ensure that your proposal was received.

What else do I need to know?

The Council requires organizations that receive sponsorships to:

  • Acknowledge the Council’s sponsorship in all related announcements and materials.
  • Have attendees complete a brief survey to assess the impact of the event, such as satisfaction, information/skills gained, and what participants will do with the information/skills.
  • Submit to the Council within 30 days after the event: a final report and any other requirements described in the award letter.

Additional Information

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