Large Grants

The Council is not accepting applications for Large Grants at this time.

  • Large grants are more than $5000.
  • Large grants fund many different types of projects and activities listed in our State Plan.
  • The Council issues Requests for Proposals (RFPs) when we want to fund large grants. This is the only way to get a large grant. Here is an example of an RFP from 2023.
  • An RFP describes:
      • What the Council wants to accomplish,
      • The kinds of projects we will fund,
      • How much money is available,
      • What proposals must include, and
      • Who can submit a proposal.
  • Any individual or organizations that is eligible to apply can submit a proposal.
  • The Council compares proposals and selects the one(s) we feel best meet all the requirements described in the RFP.

To get information when the Council announces a new Request for Proposals: