Past Initiatives


Project Name / Organization Award Date Purpose
Roots of InclusionAbilities Network 2020 Building capacity of child care providers through leadership development
Building Capacity through Technical Assistance Abilities Network 2018 - 2019 Provided intensive, customized technical assistance to childcare providers throughout Maryland to increase their skills, knowledge, and capacity with a goal of increasing the number of children with developmental disabilities and special healthcare needs in childcare settings alongside children without disabilities


Project Name / Organization Award Date Purpose
Assistive Technology Supports for Students Parents Place of Maryland 2020 Increase access to assistive technology for students with developmental disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Comfort and Engagement during the COVID-19 PandemicThe Arc Maryland 2020 Support people with developmental disabilities, families, and provider agencies to continue to engage with peers during a period of social distancing and isolation caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Coronavirus Plain Language DocumentsThe Arc Maryland 2020 Develop a plain language guide about the COVID-19 pandemic.
Educational Videos for Families of Children with a DisabilityJewish Community Services 2020 Create 4 short videos presenting key information to families about how to plan for each life stage for their child with a disability.
Maryland Statewide Technical Assistance Hub for Postsecondary Education Oppourtunties for students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilitiesUniversity of Maryland, College Park, Center for Transition and Career Innovation 2020 Establish a statewide Hub for Postsecondary Education Opportunities to connect, support, and train colleges and universities interested in developing an inclusive higher education program.
Building Front-line Leaders: Coaching and Supervision Curriculum Maryland Association of Community Services (MACS) 2019 Project provides comprehensive training for front-line supervisors working for DDA-licensed service providers in Maryland. The coaching and supervision course will build organizational capacity and help key agency staff develop the leadership skills and knowledge needed to implement the CMS Community Settings Rule, strengthen the direct support professional workforce, and enhance the quality of community supports for people with developmental disabilities.
Sibs 2019 In-house initiative 2019 The Council sponsored Sibs 2019 in collaboration with the DC Developmental Disabilities Council on March 30, 2019. The conference addressed the need of young sibs, teen sibs, and adult sibs. The goal was to help siblings of people with disabilities to listen, learn, and connect with each other.
Planning Now (In-house Council Initiative) 2012 - 2019 Updated and revised publication. Planning Now is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide written specifically for families of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Topics covered include financial and healthcare benefits, wills, trusts, tax considerations, financial planning, and others.
My Support MySupport, Inc. 2016 - 2017 Assisted with start-up costs for MySupport to become operational in Maryland. MySupport is an online provider directory platform that people with disabilities and their families can use to find support staff.


Project Name / Organization Award Date Purpose
Continued as Professional Development and Coaching: Cultivating Youth Leadership & AdvocacyTilson & Diaz Solutions 2017 To increase the capacity of local school system professionals to ensure active student engagement in the transition process and to promote the self-advocacy skills of transition age youth that will be using the Digital Transition Portfolio.


Project Name / Organization Award Date Purpose
Transforming and Improving Practices for Customized Technical Assistance Service Providers throughout Maryland 2017 - 2019 TIP grants provide funding to improve employment outcomes of people with developmental disabilities by funding customized technical assistance for community service providers licensed by the Developmental Disabilities Administration. The grants allow providers to improve the way services are provided, building their capacity so that more people with developmental disabilities are supported to obtain and keep the meaningful work they want in their communities and to have meaningful days when not working. The Council has funded three rounds of TIP grants for a total of 33 organizations.
Southern Maryland Provider Technical Assistance Network The Arc Southern MD 2019 Improve the employment outcomes of people with developmental disabilities by building the skills and abilities of community service providers in Southern Maryland licensed by the Developmental Disabilities Administration.
What Matters: Employment and Meaningful Day Publication 2018 Tells the stories of nine people with developmental disabilities who work and have meaningful days in their communities. Their stories illustrate the success that is possible when the right planning, support, and expectations are in place.


Project Name / Organization Award Date Purpose
Partners in Policymaking The Arc Maryland 2019 Train individuals with developmental disabilities and families of people with developmental disabilities to become effective advocates for long-term change affecting their lives and the lives of others in meaningful ways.
Enhancing Advocacy and Public Policy Work Grant People On the Go of Maryland (POG) 2010 - 2019 Build collaborations, create policy, and strengthen advocacy groups statewide through continued efforts to support advocate leaders through technical assistance, trainings, and in-person experiences.
Engaging Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities in Leadership Development through Learning Parties Ready at Five 2019 Parents of children with disabilities will take a more active role in making community-level changes.
Eastern Shore LEADers The Parents' Place of Maryland 2019 Provide leadership training on the Eastern Shore for 25 parents of children with developmental disabilities from four counties and ensure ongoing engagement by participants in advocacy and leadership. Support graduates from last year’s Southern MD LEADers program to engage in leadership opportunities.
Southern Maryland LEADers The Parents' Place of Maryland 2018 Through expansion and enhancement of the Parents’ Place of Maryland’s (PPMD) existing leadership development program, provide leadership training in Southern Maryland for 25 parents of children with developmental disabilities and ensure ongoing engagement by participants in advocacy and leadership.
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