DD Day at the Legislature Virtual Resources


Image of a stick built Capitol building with an orange dome, 3 green stars, and a dark red frame. Under the building are the words, in a matching dark red, "A Virtual Week of Advocacy". To the right are the words "Developmental Disabilities Days" in blue, followed by "At the Legislature" in green. In the top right corner is the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Coalition logo. It is an outline of the state of Maryland, with the regions represented by blue, green, orange, and pea green. Over top of the outline of the state is a circle of stick figure cartoon characters in matching colors.With DD Days at the Legislature taking place virtually in 2021, your best way to make an impact is online. The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Coalition is here to help you share your story online and make an impact! We have put together some resources for you to use during the week.


Social Media Toolkit

Effective advocacy takes all of us!  We have developed this social media toolkit that we hope you will all use during the week of February 8-12, 2021.  We can make a huge impact online through your advocacy and use of certain tools, branded images, hashtags, and by tagging your General Assembly representatives. We invite you to share your stories on social media and energize others during DD Days 2021!

Social Media Toolkit

DD Days Virtual Background

Show your support for Marylanders with IDD by using the DD Days virtual background during meetings with legislators! Follow the steps below to access the virtual background:

  1. Click the “Download the Virtual Background” button below.
  2. Right click the image and click “Save image as”
  3. Choose where to save the file on your computer.
  4. In a Zoom meeting, click the dropdown menu next to “Stop Video”
  5. In the pop-up, select the + button on the right side to add a picture.
  6. Find the file location of the background picture that you saved on your computer.
  7. Make sure you have that background image highlighted on the menu then close the menu!

The picture may be reversed on your screen, but it will look normal to everyone else!

Image of the Maryland State House. It is in front of a blue sky with white clouds, and surrounded by green trees. To the top left of the image are the words "Developmental Disabilities Days at the Legislature". To the right is a blue hexagon with the words "Community for all".




Tips on Speaking with Legislators

Communicating with your representatives in the Maryland State Senate and House of Delegates is a vital way to advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Download our tips below to be more effective in your advocacy through emails, calls, and meetings with legislators.

Tips on Speaking with Legislators Text Only

DD Days Tips on Speaking With Legislators With Pictures

Using the Maryland General Assembly Website

The Maryland General Assembly website has a variety of resources available for you to keep on top of all aspects of the legislative process. You can use it to find and track bills, attend hearings, contact legislators, sign up to testify at hearings, and more. The Arc Maryland has compiled some instructions on navigating some of the more commonly used parts of the site that you can use during the 2021 Legislative Session.

Using the MGA Website – DD Coalition




Agenda DD Day 2021


    Agenda “Comunidad para todos”


   DD Day Fact Sheets


During the main event, we will cover key legislation and other important items that affect the lives of Marylanders with intellectual and developmental disabilities, families, and their professional supports. You can read through our fact sheets to use during your meetings with legislators. Click each topic below to access the fact sheet.


    DD Day Hojas Informativas en Español