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Council brochure with photo of two childrenCouncil Brochure

The brochure describes the Council’s vision, mission, membership, and how it fulfills its mission. The brochure is also available in these languages



2019 Annual Report

The Annual Report highlights the Council’s work to create change that improves people’s lives. It includes outcomes from our advocacy and the projects we fund.


Cover for the MDDC Five Year State PlanCouncil Five Year State Plan 2017-2021

Every 5 years the Council develops a State Plan. The State Plan includes our most important goals and how we will accomplish them.

Maryland ABLE User's Guide CoverMaryland ABLE User’s Guide

The Maryland ABLE User’s Guide is a plain language and accessible guide to help you understand Maryland ABLE. It is a resource developed by the Council and Maryland ABLE. The Maryland ABLE User’s Guide will help you understand who is eligible for a Maryland ABLE account, how to open an account, how you can use money in your account, and how to manage your account.


Cover for the MDDC Five Year State PlanMaryland Developmental Disabilities Council Five Year State Plan 2017-2021

The Five Year State Plan describes how the Council plans to meet its goals and objectives from 2017 through September 2021. It also describes how the Council will allocate staff and financial resources to advance the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life.

State Plan Summary (link to what is now called the Overview)

State Plan – Easy Read Version

Planning Now: A Futures and Estate Planning Guide for Families of Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Planning Now is an easy-to-use guide for families of children and adults with developmental disabilities. It includes information about government benefits, wills, trusts, taxes, and other things to help you plan.

Download a flyer about “Planning Now” for resource fairs and other events.

Planificar ahora: Una guía de planificación patrimonial y de futuros

Planificando ahora es una guía de planificación de patrimonios y futuros integral y fácil de usar para familias que tienen niños o adultos con discapacidades del desarrollo. Los temas que abarca incluyen los beneficios financieros y de salud, testamentos, fideicomisos, consideraciones tributarias, planificación financiera y más.

Descargue un folleto sobre “Planificación ahora” para ferias de recursos y otros eventos.

What Matters

What Matters shows how good planning and creative support helps people live good lives. It does that by telling the stories of 9 people with developmental disabilities who work and enjoy other activities in their communities.

You can read all of the stories in one publication: What Matters

Or download the stories individually:

Developmental Disabilities Administration Informational SheetsDevelopmental Disabilities Administration Informational Sheets

These 4 fact sheets provide information about the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) that is easy to understand:


The informational sheets are also available in Spanish (see below) and in Chinese:

Hojas informativas de la Administración de Discapacidades de Desarrollo

Estos cuatro folletos brindan explicaciones fáciles de comprender sobre los aspectos claves del sistema de servicios de la Administración de Discapacidades de Desarrollo:

Cover of the What's Possible ReportWhat’s Possible: 9 Stories of Changed Lives

What’s Possible tells the story of 9 people who used to live at Rosewood Center. Rosewood was an institution for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It closed in 2009. People who lived there finally got a chance to live in the community again. Their stories show how much their lives improved.

For older publications and past annual reports, go to our publications archive.