Announcing the 2022 Photo Contest Winners


COVID changed how we connect with each other and the world around us. The Council loved seeing who you are connecting with others in the community and spending time outside now that the warm weather is here.



We received so many fantastic stories and photos. Our selection committee had difficult decisions to make, and we thank everyone who participated.



Destin Chen

Destin is a young boy with dark brown hair that is mostly covered by a blue sun hat. He is outside playing in a stream. He is wearing a bright yellow bathing suit top and swim shorts that have a pattern with different shades of green. His hands are stretched out in front of him and he is smiling as water falls down near his head. Destin loves water, music, animals, and hanging out with his family. The outdoor activity he enjoys the most during the summer is hiking to the stream and playing in the water. We are thankful for Montgomery County parks and the Department of Environmental Protection for their great job maintaining a clean stream system in the County so Destin can enjoy his favorite summer activity.


Marcy Wills

Marcy is a woman standing outside on a deck surrounded by trees. She is wearing a black t-shirt and black pants and her black hair is pulled back from her face. She has a big smile as she shows off a container filled with pink flowers that are in full bloom.

A tisket, a tasket, Marcy Wills has her own flower basket… well actually an entire garden! Marcy takes great pride and satisfaction in tending to the flowers she lovingly planted herself. Watching them grow and bring so much color to the world brings her joy and her smile brings joy to all of those around her.








Adesola Akinpelu

Adesola is a young man with his arm linked around Esther. They are standing in front of a garden full of pink flowers and bushes trimmed to look like Mickey and Minnie. Adesola is wearing a white t-shirt and tan shorts and has his left hand raised in the air. Esther is wearing a bright blue shirt with black pants and has her right hand raised in the air. Both look excited to be at Disney World.Esther and I are enjoying Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Traveling and exploring the world can be very helpful to me, allowing me to see the world.