TIP Grant Results

The first year of TIP (Transforming and Improving Practices Through Customized Technical Assistance) grants has come to a close and the outcomes are in.

These grants, designed to improve employment and community-based outcomes for people with developmental disabilities, assisted grantees in obtaining these results:

  • 3 providers let their 14 (c) certificates expire to close sheltered workshops.
  • 1 application and 1 curriculum were developed for pre-employment transition services in Howard County schools.
  • approximately 130 more people are working in competitive employment.
  • about 200 people are now more engaged in the community and having meaningful days when not working.

Results From Five Grantees in Rural Areas of the State:

  • 22 people moved from sheltered work to community employment and/or community-based activities.
  • 10 people transitioned from day programs to having meaningful days in their communities.
  • 7 people engaged in intensive employment discovery processes.