Membership Opportunities

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council seeks motivated individuals to join our work for communities that include and support everyone. People with developmental disabilities are encouraged to apply.

  • Are you are interested in making Maryland’s communities more inclusive and supportive for people with developmental disabilities and their families?
  • Are you interested in making systemic changes to Maryland’s service delivery systems and affecting housing, employment, education, health care, child care, support services, transportation, and other issues?
  • Do you value self-determination and self-advocacy?

If so, then you may want to apply to be a Council member. Please read the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council Member Position Description.

How do I apply?

To apply on-line complete the application below. After submitting an on-line application please call 410-767-3670 to confirm that it was received. Or you can download an application  and mail or fax it to the Council.

For more information about the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council or about how to apply for membership, email or call 410-767-3670 or 1-800-305-6441 ext. 1

What is involved with Membership?

The full Council meets in Columbia, MD four times per year in addition to an annual retreat.  Meetings are held on a weekday evening, typically beginning at 3:30 pm. All members also serve on a standing committee. There are also several ad hoc committees open to members depending on their interest and availability. The standing committees meet on variable schedules (during the day, in the evening, or by teleconference) about four times per year. You should be able to make a time commitment of 2-3 hours per month (times vary). The Council reimburses for transportation and other expenses related to your work as a Council member. Childcare can also be reimbursed.

Interested?  Fill out the Application Below

    Tell us About Yourself. Are you?
    MaleFemaleOtherI Don't Want to Answer

    African AmericanAsianHispanicWhiteOther

    1. Representation: Are you...
    A Person with a Developmental DisabilityA Parent/Relative of a Child with a Developmental DisabilityA Parent/Relative of an Adult with a Developmental DisabilityA Person with a Developmental Disability who is or was in an InstitutionA Relative, Parent, or Guardian of a Person with a Developmental Disability who is or was in an InstitutionA Service Provider or Employee of a Service ProviderState Agency RepresentativeOther (please specify)

    2. If you are a Person with a Developmental Disability, please tell us about Yourself:

    3. If you are a Parent of a Child or Children with Developmental Disabilities, please tell us about Yourself and Your Children:

    4. If you are representing an Agency/Organization, please state the name of the organization, its mission, and your role in the organization:

    5. Why do you want to be on the council? What are your specific interests?:

    6. What strengths would you bring to the Council?:

    7. Being a council member is a commitment. You need to attend quarterly council meetings and serve on a committee that meets 4 - 6 times per year. It is very important that as many council members as possible attend these meetings. Do you believe you will be able to make this sort of commitment to the council? Please explain.

    8. Please tell us about any community organizations or disability organizations you are involved with or about any experience you have or have ad in advocating for people with developmental disabilities. (Membership in other organizations is NOT a requirement)

    9. How did you hear about the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council?

    10. Please list 3 non-family references with e-mail addresses and phone numbers. At least two of these references should be directly related to developmental disabilities and your potential council membership.

    A girl with a developmental disability and her brother in front of a field of sunflowers.

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