State Plan

Every five years, the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council develops a State Plan.  The plan entails a comprehensive review of major service systems and issues in Maryland and outlines goals, objectives and specific activities that will be implemented to bring about change.  The State Plan guides the Council regarding how staff and fiscal resources are allocated.  The Council’s State Plan is developed in accordance with the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000 (DD Act).

The Council seeks an expert consultant to develop measurable goals, logic model, and evaluation plan.

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council seeks assistance with the following tasks related to the development of our FY2022-FY2026 State Plan:

  1. Converting priority issues selected by the Council into measurable goals, objectives, and activities;
  2. Developing a simple logic model based on the goals, objectives, activities, and related outcomes; and,
  3. Developing an evaluation plan that is easy for the Council staff and members to use for monitoring and reporting purposes in regard to the State Plan goals. The evaluation plan will assess the progress of the Council’s grant-funded initiatives, as well as the effectiveness of its policy and advocacy work conducted by staff.

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View the Council’s current state plan documents

2017 – 2021 State Plan Overview

2017 – 2021 State Plan

Annual Work Plan Federal Fiscal Year 2021

The Council’s 2017-2021 State Plan Goals


People with developmental disabilities effectively advocate for themselves and others and influence issues that are important to them.


People with developmental disabilities and their families are empowered to lead the lives they want and transform communities.


Children and adults with developmental disabilities meaningfully participate in all facets of community life, and are valued and supported by their communities.


A girl with a developmental disability and her brother in front of a field of sunflowers.

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