The Council has three committees related to the governance and functioning of the Council: Executive Committee, Membership Committee, and Nominating Committee. In addition, the Council establishes work teams as necessary to carry out Council activities and responsibilities. These may be ongoing or time limited.

Executive Committee

Provides leadership, direction and support to the chairpersons of all committees and to the executive director. Integrates and coordinates the activities of all committees and reviews, monitors, and approves committee recommendations before presentation to the full Council.

Develops, for full Council adoption, position statements that will direct the Council’s actions in regard to the development and reform of state policies, plans, legislation, regulation, resource allocation, and other decision-making that affects people with developmental disabilities.

Assures that the Council conducts strategic planning and annual reevaluation of its State Plan incorporating the provisions and intent of the council’s position statements.

Consists of the chairperson, vice-chairpersons, chairpersons of all standing committees, and three additional Council members.  At least two members shall be consumers.  The past chairperson shall remain on the Executive Committee for a period of one year.

Membership Committee

Membership of this committee shall include at least two (2) persons with a developmental disability. The Membership Committee shall monitor Council membership to ensure compliance with membership requirements in accordance with the DD Act. This committee shall recruit applicants to fill Council vacancies, screen and interview applicants, and make recommendations to the Executive Committee and the full Council concerning membership needs and applicants whose names are to be forwarded to the governor for appointment to the Council.

Nominating Committee

Membership on this committee shall include at least one person with a developmental disability. The committee shall prepare a slate of officers for the positions of chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Council. The slate will be submitted to the Council for approval on or before the June meeting.

A man with a developmental disability

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